Full-service pharmaceutical company in Orange, CT

Our Mission

CLRX Pharmacy – Orange  is committed to meeting the pharmaceutical needs of diverse individuals at the lowest costs possible and providing exceptional customer service. We guide them towards better and more effective health management and medication adherence.

Who We Are

CLRX Pharmacy – Orange is an independently owned and operated pharmacy in Orange, Connecticut, that works collaboratively with healthcare professionals and patients to provide the best possible services and products. Each patient we serve receives the most respectful, professional, and innovative treatment from our team, regardless of their condition, age, race, gender, nationality, sex, color, status, and other personal characteristics covered by the law.

We firmly believe that everyone deserves to get the quality care they deserve without requiring them to empty their wallets and pockets. Hence, with our years of experience in the industry and with the amount of knowledge and skills that our team has, we work as one with patients, physicians, insurance providers, and other pharmaceutical professionals to provide patients access to superior healthcare services at the most affordable rates and ensure optimum outcomes and customer relations.

Why Choose Us?

According to one of the most popular maxims, health is wealth—and we truly, deeply believe in that. That is why our patients’ health is our top priority. Given their diverse needs, preferences, and conditions, we make sure to employ only the most competent and qualified healthcare professionals to guide them towards optimum health and wellness. Our staff is readily available to assist patients with their medications and other concerns, providing the best pharmacy experience and building trust and relationships. With CLRX Pharmacy, patients can achieve better health while saving a penny and enjoying a better quality of life.

Let Us Help!

Should you have further inquiries and concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us online by clicking here or call us at 203-553-9830.